Private Client Education

Are you ready to learn professional trading and investing strategies from the trainers who are trusted by the leading financial firms and exchanges?

Checkmark Do you have at least $50,000 account equity?
Checkmark Are you currently managing an investment or trading portfolio?
Checkmark Do you want to generate income or make your assets more productive?
Checkmark Are you prepared to commit several hours per week towards studying and training?
Checkmark Do you want to bypass books and seminars and learn through 1-on-1 training?

Why consider Private Client Education?

Trading and investing education has reached critical mass – there are literally thousands of sources for learning how to trade stocks, ETFs, options and more.  Your biggest challenge is deciding what’s worth your time and attention.  And then you have to figure out how to make it work in the market.
The fact is, trading is a bit like flying.  You could learn what you need to know from self-study, but the best education comes from an experienced teacher. Would you really consider yourself ready to pilot a plane if all your preparation came from books and seminars?  Or would you feel a lot more confident knowing that an experienced pilot has walked you through the critical skills you need to succeed?

PIC5With Private Client Education, you learn directly from Rick and Shawn – no assistants, no hand-offs.  During the first half of your training, Rick will show you how to analyze price charts and how to read the story behind the numbers.  You’ll learn about patterns, volume confirmation and key technical indicators. You’ll set a solid foundation in finding trades and learn how to properly execute the trade mechanics.  You’ll spend time on one of the most important topics in trading: how to manage risk.

The second half of your training will be directly with Shawn as he takes you step-by-step into option CBOE1astrategies for stocks, ETFs and indexes.  Whether you want to protect your investment portfolio, trade for profit in up or down markets or combine some of everything, you’ll learn the strategies!  You’ll find out that there’s more than just opening a trade – you need to know how to manage the trade from start to finish.  That’s the skill and confidence you’ll walk away with!

When you’re done, you’ll still have access to Rick and Shawn through a continuing consultation schedule that’s included with the program.  And best of all, the entire program is recorded so that you’ll finish with a complete library of your training!

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