Essential Options Video Course

There has never been a better time than now to expand your approach to trading and investing with options. High volatility, sideways trends and the fear of falling markets – these are the best reasons to learn ESSENTIAL OPTIONS.

The entire course on DVD is made available for $149.  If you’ve ever lost more than that in a trade, consider this education to be your next investment.  The DVD contains the actual recorded sessions from the live online course taught by Rick and Shawn.

Session one teaches basic charting techniques and tools including:

  • Trend analysis
  • Top 6 candlestick patterns
  • Easy and powerful charting tools and indicators such as Simple Moving Averages, MACD, RSI and volume interpretation.

Session two teaches you the language of options and directional strategies, such as
buying calls and puts along with a stock replacement strategy using LEAPS.Options-Disc-01-REF02

Session three introduces you to multi-leg option trading. You’ll learn a variety of techniques including:

  • Covered Calls and Buy-Writes for income generation
  • Hedging risk with Protective Puts
  • Controlling volatility with an Options Collar
  • Adjusting for risk, return and probability of success with a Vertical Spread.

In addition to the video education sessions, ESSENTIAL OPTIONS contains Pro Market Advisors’ Introduction to Options manual in printable PDF form (55 pages) and copies of all slides used in the sessions.


(Mac and PC compatible)